I don't know if  DEDICATED TO is appropriate for this page.
I have been working really hard in trying to find the right words
to express my feelings about what inspired me to crochet.
It could be my mom or it could be my mother-in-law.
Either way I am please to introduce both of them to you now.

Marie A. Charest

8/12/1915 - 1/24/1981

My mother was such an inspiration to me. She could cook, sew,
macrame, knit, crochet...and create anything you can imagine. How
did she know how to do all of this? I.. to this day haven't
a clue. All I know is she knew how to do it.

She raised 5 of us "Charest's" and we all have a knack for some
sort of abilities in the art forms.

She taught me how to macrame (among other crafts, but macrame
seemed to be the easiest of all to do), and the two of us would go to
the booths at the shopping malls and sell her beautiful work.  We
had so much fun doing it together. She was much better at it than I.

When she passed away, I just couldn't macrame again by myself, it
just wasn't the same. I wish ..I wish..I had listened to her more.


19 years later

Now meet my mother-in-law, Elfrieda. 86 years young
and still kicking. What a joy she is to Kurt and I. Having
her live with us helps us to understand the true meaning of
growing old AND understanding the elderly.

She is the one who showed me how to do a single, double,
and triple crochet. Her love of flowers is tremendous and
we try to give her fresh ones every week.

She helps me untangle my forever ending tangles at the
end of skeins of yarn. She always has a smile on her face
and seems to know when I am working a new pattern.

She says "Sue, you need a break"  and guess what
I take one!!!!!