Any of the items below can be ordered in different
color schemes. Just email me with your preference!!


PRICE: $9.00

Bunny Slippers for the babies!!   They are really Cute!!! The soles are aprx 3 1/2" so they would fit a 0-3 month baby.

This is my own design, so I will sell the pattern as well.


PRICE: $6.99

This is a cute pink bunny. It is aprx 4 1/2" tall, plus the ears

Made with worsted weight yarn, pompons, and chenille stems

Due to the whishers and pom poms, I do not recommend giving
this to children under 4.


PRICE: $8.99

Anyone want a carrot? This shelf easter bunny is ready to give you one!!!

Sitting down this bunny measures aprx 11". It even has a pom pom tail.

Price: Chick or Bunny - $3.50
           Easter Egg - $.75

Plant pokes are really fun!!!! There is a duck, egg, and

easter bunny. What a great way to decorate your plants
or order without the poke and they would make great
basket accessories or magnets!!!

They can also be ordered in any color combination
you would like.

PRICE: $5.00

You just can't resist this adorable blanket baby. The blanket measure 9" square. The expression on this doll's face in irrestible!!!!!

Can be ordered in any color!!