These magnets are just an example of the ones I make. They range in
prices depending on the each individual one. I have so many different
patterns I am sure I can make what you need. I can also put a pin back
on it instead of a magnet.

They make great greeting card stuffers!!!!!!!!!

   Prices are below:
          .50 - star, heart, haystack, pumpkin, small ghost, chick
          .75 - chick in the egg, santa, small rabbit,  easter basket, flag
        1.00 - witch, ghost w/rope, bats on the moon,<
        1.25 - rabbit w/carrot, spider,
        1.50 - sunshine,
        2.00 - turkey, cat, bat

These Butterfly magnets are just perfect for your refrigerator
or a gift. They have a heavy duty Magnet (pictured left top) to
securly hold them on a magnetic surface.

They have a 5" wing Span and a height of 3". These are
very nice size.

butterfly magnets PRICE: $3.50ea OR $6.00 Set of  2

Dress Magnets - $5.00 Each Set

This item is for two sets of dress/hat magnets. They are crocheted using Luster Sheen yarn which has the look of thread but the softness of yarn.  The dresses measure aprx 5 - 6" and the hats are 3". There are of course magnets on the back of each the hat and the dress.
Dress Magnets - $7.50

This item is for a flower basket magnet and two flower magnets. The flower basket measures 9 1/2" tall and 7" at the widest point. The small  flower measures 3 1/2" and the larger magnet measures 4 1/2".

Pop Ring Magnets - $1.50 Each

This item is for magnets that are crocheted using pop-rings. They are called POP-RING PALS. There is a Balerina, bumble bee, owl, elephant, police officer and an angel. These are just so cute!!!!!