I really do listen to my visitors. I have had a lot of people tell
me they just love my website and want more slippers for them
to choose from. Well, I just want to say that I
 can't possibly make them all.

I have a photo album that you can view the patterns I
currently have.

You can order any of the styles in any color scheme of your choice
 just email me ...

These slippers make great gifts for any occassion!!!!!!!!!

Below are just a few pairs that are currently in my inventory.

These Granny Slippers are absolutely perfect for any member
of the family. From older children to the eldest grandparent!

What wonderful foot warmers for the winter and the color
combinations are just about endless.

These would make just terrific gifts or wonderful to wear
around the house. I have shown you both the front
and the back of each set for different combinations.

Order a matching pair for mother/daughter set or
father/son set. How about team colors????????

Buy a couple of pairs for people on your gift list  
Great stocking stuffers!!!!!

slipper        slipper  PRICE: $7.50 - $8.50


#1.  A wonderful pair of slippers that have an adjustable
strap around the ankle to fit any women's foot.
They are crocheted with front post stitches and sre
so very comfortable.

These slippers can be ordered in any size from a child
through an adult.  Would be great to order for
mother/daughter set or even father/son set
in any color. Just need sole measurement.

                 Price: $8.50


#2. Mother and daughter slippers.
Can be ordered in any color(s). There is a ribbon
around the ankle for a perfect fit.

Size: - Small, medium and Large

 Price: $8.50 Ladies, $5.00 childs


#3.  Ladies get your feet ready for this great pair.
Of course can be ordered in your favorite color.
Comes in size Small, Medium & Large.

 Price: $8.00


#4.  I can't forget the toddlers. These slippers are
a mocassin type crocheted in blue with blue
varigated yarn around the ankle. It also has a
crocheted tie around the akle for a perfect fit. The
sole length 6 1/4" and would fit a child aprx 2 - 3 years.

 Price: $4.50


#5. This is a great pair of Sunbonnet Sue Slippers.
The picture does not do this pair of slippers justice.
They are just to cute!!!!!

This pair is a size small (sole - 7").

sun bonnet sue
            slippers  Price: $6.50


#6. These are a wonderful pair of Mary Jane slippers
for the little girls. It has a button on the side for straps.
The color is black
and the sole Length aprx 7" and
would fit a 4 - 6 year old girl.

Duck Boots Price: $5.00


#7. Striped slippers with  shell stitches around
the ankle. Has a  tie around the ankle to
adjust to any size foot. A wonderful
and warm pair.

Your choice of color(s).

Women's Rosebud Slippers  Price: $8.00


#8. Pair of men's classic slippers for the men in your life.
Has adjustable strap around the ankle to insure
a great fit.  Can be ordered in any color(s)
of your choice.

Size: Small, Medium & Large

slipper PRICE: $8.50


#9 Heart Slippers for a perfect Valentine's Day or any occasion!!
Tie strings will adjust for any width foot. These are so pretty!!!

 Price: $6.00

#10 These slippers are just perfect for the young child. They fit really nice 
around the ankle and I just love the pom pom's. These can be ordered
in child's size for 5" - 6" Soles in any color of your choice.

\Crochet Cozy Critters Price: $6.00

                                                              SOLD - 11/10/09 - Will take additional orders!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                          

#11 This pair of slippers will fit large child or small adult,
but can be ordered in any color or size.

 Price: $6.00

#12 Easter Bunny Slippers that are just
perfect for Easter. They are crocheted using
3 ply yarn. The sole length is 5" and would fit up
to a 18 month old.


   Price: $6.00